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What we do every day to maintain wellness also helps our immune system to be healthy.

Having a super-charged immune system that is ready to spring into action could be as simple as eating right, exercising, controlling our stress levels, and making sure we sleep well.

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Zamia makes scientifically composed, traditional herbal blends for daily performance. We believe nutrition, movement and environment are the foundation of better health, mental and physical performance.
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What is Endurance? We think of it as training our aerobic system – so think lungs and oxygen – and higher efficiency in oxygen metabolism - how we use oxygen in the body.

1. Increase Mitochondria Number

But there’s more to it than that. We need more components in our body that increase  energy stores. Mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell, increase in number and size, for example. If you increase your mitochondria, you increase your ability to produce ATP. Exercise, proteins, nuts and magnesium all support that.

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At Zamia Life, we take a lifestyle first approach to overall health and Immune wellness. By supporting and optimizing different aspects of lifestyle we set our entire body up to thrive and perform. We recognize that central to keeping healthy is the immune system.
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