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Formulating Functional Herbs

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Formulating Functional Herbs

Zamia makes scientifically composed, traditional herbal blends for daily performance. We believe nutrition, movement and environment are the foundation of better health, mental and physical performance.



There are days when we could all use more support - when we are stressed more than we'd like, miss a workout, start to miss some sleep or maybe begin feeling run down.

It is days like these where performing at our best starts to feel like a challenge.

Over time, too much or too little sleep, calm and movement can lead to chronic problems, digging a hole that is harder to get out of.

Unfortunately sometimes seeking temporary support for one of these can impact other parts of your day and life! Caffeine can give that morning boost, but jitters may not help with focus or stress. Sugary drinks and food can boost energy and mood but are short lived at the cost a crash(and calories). Calming down too much, can impact focus. Concentrating on a getting a really good night's rest can lead to sleep hangovers and brain fog the next day.

Simply put - solving for one problem in isolation can knock us out of balance.

The Science in Nature

Consuming a healthy, nutrient rich diet is the best way to cope with what life throws at us. The complex and beneficial chemistry in healthy foods are wonderful.

However as diets and food become less nutrient dense, and life becomes ever more challenging, how can we help?

While we will always look to nutrition first,  we ask ourselves what happens when we need support or try to push harder?

Considering what life can do to us today, how can we do more to support sleep, focus, stress, resilience and energy?

Beyond food, traditional medicine might approach support for modern ailments with self-care and more complex nutrition found in herbs.

The plants, leaves and roots we use in our products have been used for centuries if not millennia.

With more research and studies being performed on these roots and leaves it is clear they contain  complex beneficial compounds.

Development Approach

Zamia's Functional approach is mindful of the body's functions and processes, how the physiological, biochemical and psychological interactions its environment.

Today we have the benefit of understanding far more about the processes in the body and how they interact with each other, what we eat, how we live and the environment we are in.

We consider the underlying mechanism first, then with our natural medicine and immunological experience, bring together the best herbs in the strongest formula. 

For Zamia Sleep, we use Valerian for its support to help transition to sleep, Passionflower to support immediate relaxation and Ashwagandha to help healthy GABA levels to support less wakefulness.