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about us

hi! I'm heather, founder of zamialife

i fell in love with herbs in the 4th grade when I studied the healing power of aloe vera for my first science fair project.

fast forward, and with a phd in infectious disease immunology and microbiology, I've been able to study infectious disease, autoimmunity, and cancer.

today, i research nutrition, mind-body and herbal medicines to learn how they can promote health.

about zamia

once or twice a year i traveled to teach global health classes. we visited communities in tanzania and thailand to learn about traditional healing practices.

not only was that adventure in front of me, just getting to these far off places was an adventure in itself. usually it would involve more than 40 hours of flying, lots of layovers and bumpy roads.

but i wanted to land and be ready to go and have the journey not take it all out of me! on top of that, coming home would need me to hit the road again for conferences and meetings

over the years i made blends of herbs that would support my immune defenses and help me keep going.

soon, i found myself making these for friends and family during allergy and winter seasons.

eventually so many folks were asking for the recipe, i had to start making them!

moving, eating better, rest & dealing with stress are the pillars of performance and immune health

calm: reset, get centered and go. calm is cbd free herbal drops for mild, occasional anxiety. its natural stress support for ease & flow in your day.

clarity: thanks to ayurveda and its powerful adaptogens and nootropics, clarity helps boost your mental energy for sustained focus.

immune: immune will help your body reduce inflammation* and support a healthy response during challenging seasons, so you can get back to doing your thing

sleep: thanks to the relaxing herbs valerian, ashwagandha and passionflower, sleep will help you drift off into a better night's rest without morning after grogginess*.